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Practical knowledge on the use of Micro-Immunotherapy

  • detecting viral reactivations
  • Understanding immune disorders
  • Utilizing highly diluted immunologic messenger molecules

Micro-Immunotherapy: A Comprehensive Guide for Healthcare Professionals

This guide serves as an introduction to the fundamentals and practical application of Micro-Immunotherapy.

Diagnostics and Therapy of Immunological Diseases

The resurgence of viruses, notably the Epstein-Barr Virus (EBV), disrupts the delicate balance of the immune system. Micro-Immunotherapy aids in restoring this balance and effectively treating diseases by utilizing highly diluted messenger molecules like cytokines.

Insights about the application of Micro-Immunotherapy

This textbook is aimed at therapists and professionals who want to understand or deepen their knowledge of microimmunotherapy:

• Understanding the immune system's functionality,
• Interpreting laboratory parameters for diagnosis,
• Implementing treatment approaches for autoimmune diseases, considering their root causes.

Illustrative Case Studies and Treatment Examples

Case studies showcase various treatment modalities, including Micro-Immunotherapy, and supplementary strategies, even for intricate diseases.

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The Author

Corinne I. Heitz, PhD, has been operating her own practice in Switzerland for nearly 30 years. Her work primarily focuses on diagnosing and treating chronic diseases, particularly autoimmune conditions, as well as providing cancer therapies, with a specific emphasis on Micro-Immunotherapy. She is also an accomplished author of specialized books and a frequent speaker at international events on naturopathy and alternative medicine.

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